Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zero Waste

I've chosen to start with a quick, inside summary entitled: "Things I Have Learned Because I Work 40 Hours a Week at a Grocery Store"

A) Some people are incredibly demanding, rude, and gigantic Negative Nancies
B) Many people mistake small talk for a chance to complain, gripe, and/or state the complete obvious
C) Humans are unbelievably wasteful creatures

All venting aside, let's talk about WASTE!

Ever think about all that packaging that goes into making your grocery products look so attention-grabbing and wholesomely untouched by the outside world? Well it's about time you do because apparently, we careless American humans discard 570 MILLION POUNDS of food packaging waste, per day.

That's the weight equivalent of over 700 Jetliners fully loaded and ready of take off [don't worry, I did the proper math] every day-- just within the U.S.

So, what's a hopelessly wasteful species to do?? Here's a new trend to consider:

GOING WASTE FREE (aka: Zero Waste)

Several major companies have been lauded for their zero waste efforts. These companies all sustain a 90% or higher recycling rate, generating little to no waste at all!

Zero Waste Shining Stars:
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What are ways individuals can cut back on waste?
-buying from farmers' markets (which requires minimal packaging)
-using reusable grocery/shopping bags
-not automatically wrapping EVERYTHING in plastic (try throwing several of your produce items into the same bag)
-limiting consumption of single-use products (just think of all those extra bottles and wrappers..)

So, next time you go to the store and the clerk automatically puts your single box of toothpaste in a plastic bag, think to yourself, "does my toothpaste really need to be bottled, boxed, AND bagged?"         no.

*Watch this video for a cool intro into going waste-free from a grocery store perspective:

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Definition of Bad-Ass

We've all had those rare moments of extreme confidence, strutting around on a particularly uplifting day thinking, "Wow, I really am something else. Just look at me, I could accomplish anything, because I am totally bad ass." NO, you're not.You want to know why you're not? Because you have never been a ONE ARMED DRUMMER FOR AN AWESOMELY FAMOUS HARD ROCK BAND

That my friends, is what I have discovered to be-


Rick Allen- One Armed Drummer for Def Leppard

What?! This guy... THIS GUY... actually played drums with only one arm. I am never going to complain about anything ever again! Until I'm hungry, tired, sick, or disadvantaged in some other menial way. BUT UNTIL THEN, this guy reigns supreme.

Quick Facts
-Rick was 16 when he joined Def Leppard
-At age 21 he had a reckless driving accident; his arm was severed
-Post-accident, a specialized drum set was made for him and he continued on playing with the band

Basically, the guy plays an instrument that requires two arms with just one. No big deal...

?!/!?!!!?!?!! mind still blown.