Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New ‘BOGO”

Hooray- [insert large business name here] is having another Buy One, Get One free sale!! (otherwise known as ‘BOGO’). Now we can all accumulate useless items TWICE AS FAST! Okay, I’m not really all that cynical. But there has been a recent surge in thoughtful companies putting a twist on the BOGO concept. Instead of buying one and getting another free, this post is about:

Buying One, Giving One Free

Perhaps the most recognizable, flagship company for this effort is Tom’s shoes. If you’re unfamiliar with the Tom’s model, for every shoe purchase you make from them, they in turn donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. Along with this company, there are plenty of others out there doing the same thing. And, if you’re a conscious consumer as am I, you too may be interested in seeking out businesses that utilize this “big picture” vision as a way to bring greater meaning to capitalism. So, here’s a list of several awesome ‘BOGO’ operations to check out!

- BoGo Light~ a solar powered flashlight company that donates solar powered lights to families who would ordinarily be reliant on kerosene and candles.
-One World Futbol~ this company markets a nearly indestructible soccer ball and promises to give one to a less fortunate community with each purchase. 
- Warby Parker~ selling their glasses online, each Warby Parker purchase you make ensures that someone elsewhere in need too will receive a pair.
- Smile Squared~ need a new toothbrush? Your order not only provides one to a deserving child as well, but they also practice exemplary environmental awareness with their products and packaging being biodegradable. 


Overall, these laudable ‘one for one’ companies, are fueling a positive trend of using profits and growth for greater good. Next time you’re looking for a nice excuse to shop without buyer’s remorse, consider checking out these creative, feel-good business models instead!  

Here's one useful link that features some of the aforementioned brands and more: