Saturday, July 27, 2013

Around the World in 152 Days

Ever done anything really cool and athletic that you’re really proud of? Perhaps you've completed a triathlon, 10k run, or maybe you worked your way up to being a level 8 gymnast. Well prepare to feel unaccomplished! Make way for:

Miss Juliana Buhring
fastest woman to circumnavigate the world by BIKE.

That may actually be worth repeating, so let me reiterate- 27 year old woman rides bicycle around the entire globe. 4 Continents. 19 Countries. 18,000 miles. ON A BIKE.

In 152 days, Juliana Buhring set the world record for her incredible cycling feat. If you just found yourself thinking “Wow, I had no idea cycling around the world was even possible,” don’t worry- that was only the first of many questions I had. So here’s what I discovered:
  • She trained for 8 months and averaged 124 miles per day
  • Of a totaled 144 days actually cycling, she suffered 29 flat tires
    • She can now change a flat in under 3 minutes
  • Before starting to train, she had never ridden a bike
  • She holds the Guinness World Record for 'fastest female to circumnavigate the globe' (as well as the only female to do so... imagine that)
  • She burned 6-7,000 calories a day
  • India was the most dangerous country she rode through. The US was most entertaining. Turkey was the nicest.
So if you're suddenly inspired to morph your next leisurely bike ride into a race around the world, just be sure to have at least 25-30 spare tires, money to eat 3x the food you consume now, and 152 days free of commitment, oh- and absolutely NO FEAR.